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Alien Beast with its mouth open.

Original Scene from the Script.

The Alien Beast is one of the Monsters held in The Facility. It was listed on the Whiteboard, and was bet on by the Bio Medical Department. It was later released during the second wave of the System Purge, and is seen once.

Physical Description and Attributes[]

This monster is of an extraterrestrial origin, and is complex in physical structure. Its torso its long and thin, and ends in what looks like a tail instead of legs. Its back is hunched over, and there are what appear to be extra limbs, perhaps ovipositors, hanging from the side of it. Its face, when closed, is smooth, and looks almost like a shell of some sort, and there are two joints protruding from the side of it, where its long and pale-colored eyes end. When its face is opened, the shell splits open into four ways, revealing a pink and fleshy interior. Each of the flaps on its face have patches of long, pointy teeth. In the center of its face is most-likely its mouth, which is a round and gaping hole. The Alien Beast also has two very long arms, and its hands have three slender fingers on each. The Alien Beast's skin is a grey color, and looks to be of a rough texture. It resembles a "face-hugger". When shot or injured, it has yellowish-green blood .

It is possible that an alien egg summons it.


It is first seen briefly leaping out of an elevator onto one of the security guard's face during the second wave of Monsters in the Purge.


In the novelization of the film, the Alien Beast appears during the scene where Dana and Marty are in the elevator right after seeing the Werewolf. The inclusion of the Alien Beast in the scene was apparently supposed to carry on into the film based on behind the scenes footage. However, this never happened in the final version of the film.


The Alien Beast is likely an homage to the "Facehugger" life cycle stage of the Xenomorph in the Alien franchise, originally designed by H. R. Giger.