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The American Slow-Walking Creepy Girl following an injured security guard.

The American Slow Walking Creepy Girl is a humanoid Monster kept inside the Facility. She is not listed on the Whiteboard, but she does appear once in the System Purge.

Physical Description and Attributes[]

She is a young woman with stringy, unkempt black hair. She is dressed in a white hospital gown. Little is known about the American Slow-Walking Creepy Girl, as we only see her once during the System Purge. Since she does not display any outwardly or supernatural characteristics upon first glance, its possible she could be victim of some sort of demonic possession or a evil spirit manifested into a young woman, or perhaps she is suffering from some sort of mental illness that makes her uncontrollable, hence why she would be kept in the Facility.

It is unknown what item in the Cellar summons her.

Its possible, but not confirmed, that she could be a Mutant, as she is seen at the same time as the Mutant in Hospital Gown is in the Elevator Lobby and both wear similar clothes. However this is just a theory.


The only time she is seen during the film is in the distance, stalking a injured security guard. She asks him in a lifted way "Where are you going?" and then starts singing "Hush, Little Baby". We do not know if or how she kills him, as we do not see the two of them on camera afterwards. However, after she finishes singing, a loud, piercing scream can be heard, presumably coming from her.

She bears some resemblance to Kiko (Japanese Floaty Girl).


She seems to be a reference to Alma Wade, a major antagonist in the F.E.A.R video game series who is the ghost of a powerful psionic. Indeed, the scene in which she appears mirrors a scene from the games. It is probably safe to say that the Slow-Walking Creepy Girl is a ghost, possibly with psychic abilties like her inspiration.

Her horror character archetype is also somewhat reminiscent of Samara from The Ring.