The Coffee Mug Bong is marijuana receptacle disguised as a normal coffee mug that Marty Mikalski uses on his trip to the cabin. This item is of great help to Marty as the Chemical Department  looked it over as one of Marty's secret hiding spots for marijuana which they planned to contaminate, therefore he is not affected by the same mind controlling drugs as his friends during The Ritual.

Marty smoking the bong in the beginning of the film.

They further suspect that what may be smoking makes him immune to their other mind control techniques.

He later uses the bong as a weapon to defend Dana Polk from Matthew Buckner. After that, he discards the bong for the rest of the film.


  • Chris Barrett stated in the DVD extras that there were several models of the coffee mug bong that were made
  • One of the props was fully functional for drinking from and smoking from and cost almost 5000 dollars to make
  • The bong used during the weapon sequence was stuffed with foam