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The Cyclops is a humanoid Monster kept in the Facility. He is not listed on the Whiteboard nor is he seen during the System Purge.

Physical Description and Attributes[]

Tall and presumably very strong, the Cyclops is a humanoid, male creature, originating from legends in mythology.

Cyclops behind the floating leech.

It bears the resemblance of a stereotypical cyclops. He is bald, with one single large eye in the middle of his forehead, and a large mouth with two monster-like fangs on the bottom of its jaw. His ears are also long and pointed, similar to an elf's. He wears ragged, pale green clothing with a brown leather belt with a piece of animal fur under it. His skin is also very pale and has a green tint to it. Since its methods for killing its victims are unknown, its likely it uses its brute strength to crush and incapacitate them. Although, a few depictions of cyclops in popular culture are seen to channel magic through their eye. Its possible the strength of the Cyclops makes it rivals to the Giant and Giant Woman, and could be considered very fatal if encountered by ordinary humans.

It is unknown what item in the Cabin's cellar summons him.


The Cyclops is seen best in the Cabin in The Woods' Visual Companion; where he is seen pressing his hands up against the glass of his Cube Prison.

In the film, he is seen on several monitors and very briefly in his cube prison, behind the Floating Leech Creature. In the scene where Gary Sitterson and Steve Hadley are looking for Dana and Marty through the cameras, the Cyclops can be seen in his cube prison, although he is hard to make out since the camera angle is from the bottom.


In Greco-Roman mythology, the Cyclops/Cyclopes were a primordial race of giants, sons of the gods, Uranus and Gaea, each with a single eye in the middle of his forehead. The name is widely thought to mean "circle-eyed." Uranus exiled them to the underworld because of their appearance, but they were freed by Zeus to help him conquer Mount Olympus.
Various ancient Greek and Roman authors wrote about the Cyclopes. Hesiod described them as three sons of Poseidon who lived on the island of Sicily. One of the Cyclopes, Polyphemus, was blinded by the hero Odysseus during his wanderings after the Trojan War.
There have been a few horror films to star a Cyclops as the killer monster such as "The Cyclops" (1957), The 7th Voyage of Sinbad (1958) and "Cyclops" (2008). They were also a recurring alien race in the first season of the 60s TV series, "Lost In Space." Cyclopses were also in the The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.