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The Dragonbat snarling at Dana and Marty, revealing the split-mandible structure of its lower jaw.

The Dragonbat is one of the Monsters held in Facility. It is listed on the Whiteboard, but no one bets on it. It is later seen several times during the System Purge.

Physical Description and Attributes[]

The Dragonbat appears as a large, demonic bat/dragon hybrid creature of some kind, with segmented wings, red scales on each side and a mouth that is divided into three parts. It's is one of the deadliest and most powerful monsters in the Facility. Flying at remarkably high speeds, it emits a loud, screeching roar and will eat any living thing it can snatch. The Dragonbat also has an incredible sense of smell, as it was able to catch the scent of Ronald the Intern and track him as he hid inside a room during the Purge.

It is unknown what item in the Cabin's Cellar summons the Dragonbat, possibly a bat tooth or some similar trace or remains from a bat.


The Dragonbat is first seen flying around sporadically in its Cube Prison, possibly looking for a way out. It is later seen during the first wave of the Purge, where it grabs a member of the Security Force, pins and eats him.

Later on, Ronald the Intern can be seen holding up a cardboard sign to one of the cameras to the Control Room, claiming that the Dragonbat has his scent and needs help fast. It is unknown if Ronald survived the Dragonbat or not.

It later flies through the window of the Elevator Lobby's control room that Marty and Dana are hiding in, causing them to flee. It then pursues them briefly before killing a random scientist and then flying off to terrorize the other Facility workers remaining in the Facility. As it flies away, the American Slow-Walking Creepy Girl is seen.


The Dragonbat is a reference to the hybrid animal creatures that appear in some monster movies, such as Sharktopus , Dinocroc, and Bippy (caterpillar/dog) from House 2: the Second Story. The way the Dragonbat's mouth opens could also be a possible reference to the vampires in Blade II

Numerous bat-like monsters have appeared in horror fiction over the years, so this creature could have been inspired by a number of sources, including Marcus Corvinus from Underworld: Evolution or the Man-Bat from the Batman comics. Drawing from mythology, the bat could also be a reference to the Aztec-Mayan god, Camazotz, who guarded the underworld, or giant death bats, often associated with human sacrifice. It also somewhat resembles the Nargacuga from Monster Hunter and the hellhawks from godzilla vs kong 2021