The Exploding Shard Babies are monsters that are novelization-exclusive, and do and resemble what the name implies. They were most certainly released during the System Purge .

Physical Attributes & DescriptionEdit

As their name implies, the Exploding Shard Babies are monsters that resemble small babies that explode into hundreds of bloody shards of either glass, metal, or crystal. Due to this nature, and the risk of missing, there are 6 entire elevators filled to the brim with these creatures, which could mean that if they were to be summoned, they would be spawned throughout different places in The Cabin, much like the Zombies.

It is possible that the Exploding Shard Babies were the infant creatures that Marty and Dana encounter feasting on the remains of a female worker while fleeing from the monsters down the passageway leading to the Ritual Chamber, though this is unlikely. Due to the way the novelization described the scene, it seems that the creatures feasting on the worker were more than likely infant Alien Beasts or the offspring of another monster.


They probably represent the adult fear of something happening to their child, especially with a fatal outcome.

This might be a reference to J-Horror as well as the Japanese/American video game, Parasite Eve 2, where one of the creatures appears to be a small baby (sometimes with veins running through it as though it were newborn), which coo's and crawls towards it's prey before exploding and sending bone/body parts through the area.

It could also be a reference to the Crawlers from Dead Space 2. Crawlers are reanimated infants with explosive sacs in their stomachs that will explode on impact.

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