Mattew Buckner

Father Buckner is the father of the redneck torture zombie family, formerly known as the Buckner Family. He is the head of the family and one of the most sadistic and cruelest (second only to his son Matthew). Judging from the diary of his daughter, Patience, he is believed to have a dangerously short temper and enjoys maliciously torturing and murdering travelers who had passed his family's cabin, all in the name of his self proclaimed "faith".

During the events of the movie, he pursues the five teenagers as they attempt to flee from the cabin. He hides away in the group's RV, and when Holden McCrea is driving to find a way to escape with Dana Polk, he emerges from the back of the vehicle and shoves a hay hook through his throat, killing him.

As the RV sinks to the bottom of the lake after the crash, Father Buckner attempts to grab Dana before she can flee, but is unable to do so. It is believed that he remained trapped in the bottom of the lake within the RV.

His weapon of choice is a scythe.

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