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Female Hell Lord Minion

The Female Hell Lord Minion is one of the Monsters kept in the Facility. She is one of the servants of Fornicus, Lord of Bondage and Pain. Even though her master, Fornicus was released during the System Purge, along with the Male Hell Lord Minion, she herself is not seen during the Purge.

Physical Description and Attributes[]

The female minion is seen here with her comrades.

The Female Hell Lord Minion is an attractive young woman who wears grim and medieval-looking clothing, similar to her male counterpart and her master's. She has long brown hair, pale skin and dark eyes. She also wears a face covering of some sort over her mouth, jaw and neck, creating a mysterious and intimidating appearance. In behind-the-scenes footage she is shown wearing a sleeveless garment, a black skirt, stockings and what appear to be vambraces (forearm guards) on her upper arm. She does not appear to carry a weapon.


As stated earlier, the Female Hell Lord Minion was not seen during the Purge. It is unknown if she was released with Fornicus and the other minion, or if she was simply not seen on the camera during the scene where Fornicus and the male minion are about to torture a bound Facility employee.

The only way the Female Hell Lord Minion is known to exist is because she is seen in the visual companion of The Cabin in the Woods. It is possible that scenes including her were shot but not included in the final cut of the film.


The Female Hell Lord Minion is a direct reference to the cenobites (religious students) of the Hellraiser series, which are depicted as mutilated humanoid creatures (former humans, in fact) that possess telekinetic abilities, and who accompany series antagonist Pinhead on journeys through alternate planes of existence. The canonical cenobites all suffered gruesome injuries in the process of their transformation from human beings. The female minion here does not appear to be mutilated, but it is possible that injures are concealed by her face covering.