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The Floating Leech Creature is a Monster kept inside the Facility. It is not listed on the Whiteboard, nor is it shown during the Purge.

Physical Description and Attributes[]

It is a strange, almost alien-like creature with pale pinkish skin and a round mouth full of rows of teeth, giving it the appearance of a leech or lamprey.

It also has two drooping arms that point forward and does not have any visible eyes.

How it kills or tortures its victims is unknown. However its possible it could devour or suck the blood or life force from its prey using its mouth and teeth. It is shown attaching itself to the glass walls of its prison cube, which is presumably how it attacks its victims. Given its alien-like appearance, it could also possess some sort of telekinetic abilities or mind control.

It is unknown what item summons the Floating Leech Creature from the Cabin's Cellar.


The Floating Leech Creature was not seen during the Purge, nor on any camera feed from the Control Room. The only time it is seen is during the cube scene of the film, where the camera pans-out to reveal all the Monsters of the Facility. It can be seen up close in the behind the scenes footage of the film.

Possible Inspiration[]

The monster in its cube.

It is now known if the Floating Leech was inspired by any specific horror film. As the production staff had to create a large number of monsters, it may well be an original creation that takes its appearance from real animals such as leeches, lampreys or deep sea animals. They vaguely resemble the "Ass Weasels" from Dreamcatcher which is a sci-fi horror film about leech-like monsters that crawl into the anuses of human hosts and devour their insides before escaping through their hosts' spinal cords. Their gaping, multi-rowed toothed mouths can also be linked to the Langoliers from the Stephen King novel/movie of the same name.

Floating Leech Creature in its cube.

It may also be a reference to horror films with actual killer leeches such as Leeches!, Attack of the Giant Leeches, Slither and Rows of Teeth.