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Fornicus, Lord of Bondage and Pain is one of the Monsters kept inside the Facility. He is listed on the Whiteboard, and is referred to as "Hell Lord". Gary Sitterson bets on his release. He is played by Greg Zach.

He was later released along with one of his minions during the System Purge.

Physical Description and Attributes[]

Fornicus, accompanied by his two servant minions.

Fornicus is depicted as a humanoid figure with white, pale skin and pitch black eyes, wearing black leather clothing, similar to a bondage outfit. He has circular saw blades embedded into his head. Fornicus is also said to possess telekinetic powers and has the ability to summon lengths of chain to ensnare and rend his victims helpless as he tortures and kills them.

In the basement, Curt nearly summons Fornicus by tampering with his spherical puzzle orb, similar to Lemarchand's box (a.k.a. "The Lament Configuration") from the Hellraiser franchise. Later, when Dana and Marty are trapped inside a glass Cube Cell, Dana spots Fornicus inside his own Cube, staring back at her menacingly from the shadows.


The first time Fornicus is seen in the film is during the elevator scene, where Dana and Marty have been sent into the Facility's underground complex. Dana stares into his cube where he can be seen standing in the shadows, a neutral but intimidating expression on his face. The sighting of Fornicus is significant, as Dana recognizes the puzzle sphere in his hands as identical to the one they saw earlier in the basement, confirming her suspicions that their journey to the cabin was engineered by outside forces.

Fornicus is released during the second wave of the Purge. He can also be seen shortly on the monitor after his release, about to torture two Facility workers chained together upside down, along with the Male Hell Lord Minion. Fornicus was also shown in behind the scenes footage, accompanied by both the male minion and now the Female Hell Lord Minion, who was not seen during the Purge.

Assuming that his nature and abilities correspond to the franchise on which he was modeled (see below), Fornicus and his acolytes would constitute some of the more powerful and dangerous entities imprisoned in the Facility.

Fornicus was among the monsters portrayed in the Universal Orlando Attraction Halloween Horror Nights 23in 2013.


Fornicus is a clear reference to Pinhead from the Hellraiser franchise, though he has sawblades in his head instead of nails embedded in his head. Pinhead and the beings like him (Cenobites, or members of a monastic order) are former humans transformed into powerful extra-dimensional entities through a process of horrific mutilation, hence the apparently fatal wounds they display.