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Four Legged Saddle Creature is a Monster kept inside the Facility. It is not listed on the Whiteboard, nor is it shown during the System Purge.

Physical Description and Attributes[]

The Four Legged Saddle Creature is very strange in appearance, making viewers wonder if it is even from Earth itself, or if it is something else entirely; perhaps being an alien-like being or coming from sort of legend or a mythological or supernatural background.

It is a greyish-green creature with rough, almost reptilian skin. Its head looks to be of a fish, and has a long tongue. On the back of the creature is a saddle, possibly meaning the creature may have had some sort of owner or master in its old life before the Facility.

How it kills or tortures its victims is unknown. The item that summons this creature is also unknown, but its possible a saddle similar to the one it has could.


The Four Legged Saddle Creature is not seen at all during the film. The only time it can be seen is in the behind the scenes footage of the film.


While it resembles more of a Megalania, it somewhat resembles several monsters from the Silent Hill franchise including the Split Head, Abstract Daddy, and the Numb Body. Its also possible this monster could be inspired by Kappa , the humanoid turtle-like beings from Japanese folklore.