Garden Gnome Boy was one of the monsters seen in his glass cube prison within the Facility.

Physical Description & AttributesEdit

The Garden Gnome Boy took on a similar appearance to a typical garden gnome. It wore a green shirt and shorts that were a shade lighter, along with dark boots and a red scarf. The Garden Gnome Boy also carried a small throwing axe. Its most striking feature, however, was its tall, bright red conical gnome’s hat.

It is unknown which item in the basement was used to summon this creature, and its name did not appear on the whiteboard.

Inspiration Edit

This monster may be a reference to the film Troll or Leprechaun. However, neither of the films include gnomes. It could also be a reference to R.L Stine's Attack Of The Killer Lawn Gnomes and the typical garden gnome and how some people possess an unnatural fear of them.

Another possibility is that the Garden Gnome Boy was inspired by the mythological Scottish fairy the Redcap, who carried a pikestaff similar to a long axe and soaked his woollen hat in the blood of his victims, hence his name.