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The Giant Alligator is an animal Monster in Facility. It is not listed on the Whiteboard, nor is it seen during the System Purge. However, it can be heard during the second wave.

Physical Description and Attributes[]

As its name would suggest, the Giant Alligator is depicted as a normal alligator, but of abnormal size. The Giant Alligator has no supernatural or outwardly features, meaning it is possibly a reference to a real-life horror. It most likely bites and eats its victims to kill and incapacitate them. Since it appears there are no watery or moist environments inside the Facility, the Giant Alligator might be at a disadvantage when released during a Purge, since alligators are known to be deadlier in the water. However, its enormous size makes it deadly under any conditions. It would have been well-suited for preying on the sacrifices at the Cabin's nearby lake, and presumably the land could be partially flooded to allow it better access to its victims.

It is unknown what item in the Cabin's Cellar summons the Giant Alligator, but it's possible an alligator hand necklace could. Other possibilities include an alligator tooth or other alligator bone, or an item made from alligator skin.


When the System Purge is activated, there is an alligator growl heard in the second wave of Monsters, indicating that the Giant Alligator was released, however it is never seen. The only time it can be spotted is inside its Cube Cell, directly to the right of the Sasquatch and two cubes away from the Jack O'Lantern, on its left.


The Giant Alligators in cameo of penguin of camp creteacous and other katie mitchell videos may have been inspired by the 1980 film Alligator and its 1991 sequel Alligator II: The Mutation along with other giant alligator films including Lake Placid and it's sequels, though these latter were based on a crocodile.