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The Giant Ant in a cube above The Doctors.

Giant Ant is an insectoid Monster kept inside the Facility. It is not listed on the Whiteboard, nor is it seen during the System Purge.

The Giant Ant as shown during the elevator scene.

Physical Description and Attributes[]

The Giant Ant has the characteristics of a normal black ant, but is of impossibly large size. It looks as though it has features of a termite in it as well, possibly making it a mutant of some sort. Its large jaws are most likely what it uses to kill its victims. Because of its size and six legs, the Giant Ant has the ability to crawl and maneuver its way around the Facility at incredible speeds, similar to how the Giant Tarantula can. Despite its size, it retains an ordinary ant's ability to move along walls and ceilings.

It is unknown what item summons the Giant Ant from the Cabin's Cellar, but it's possible an ant farm could.


The Giant Ant is not seen during the Purge at all, but its likely, that it was released. The Giant Ant can be seen in its Cube Cell when the camera pans out to reveal the monsters of the Facility.


Ants, both ordinary and giant, have appeared in science fiction on occasion. This particular one may reference the classic 1954 film Them!, even though the ants in that film are much larger. Other films with killer ants include Legion of Fire: Killer Ants!, Ants and Empire of the Ants.