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Giant Owls seen in an early version of the elevator scene.

Giant Owls are animal Monsters kept inside the Facility. They are not listed on the Whiteboard, nor are they seen during the System Purge.

Physical Descriptions and Attributes[]

They are depicted as normal white owls but of abnormal size. The cause for their enormous size is unknown, but its possible they could be some sort of mutant breed or have ignored Natural Selection and grew far beyond an expected rate. The have greyish-white feathers, which could mean they are possibly Great Grey Owls (the largest species of owl) or Snowy Owls.

The item that summons the Giant Owls is unknown, possibly an owl feather or owl statue.


The Giant Owls are not seen during the Purge. In the early adaptation of the film's elevator scene, the two of them can be seen near the bottom of the screen.


  • Even though the name for these Monsters is singular, two Giant Owls can be seen, both in the same pose and bearing the same appearance. Its possible the image of the first owl was duplicated accidentally, or in order to fill a vacant cube.
  • During the second wave of the Purge, while different Monsters can be seen exiting their elevators, a loud 'hooting' sound can be briefly heard, indicating that one or both owls were released, just not seen.


The owls could be a joke monster inserted for humorous purposes, in line with the other "Giant X" animal entries. It's also possible the white owl is a reference to the Goblin King in Jim Henson's Labyrinth. Owls as supernatural beings, potentially dangerous if angered, do occur in some mythologies, especially in pre-Columbian North American cultures. Similarly, in English folklore owls were often omens of doom. Owls are also the source of some anomalous sightings; for example, the "Mothman" creature is suspected to be a misidentified barn owl.