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A Giant Tarantula as shown in DVD special features.

Giant Tarantula is an animal Monster kept in Facility. It is not listed on the Whiteboard, but can be seen briefly during the System Purge, as well as in its Cube Prison.

Physical Description and Attributes[]

It bears the same look as a normal tarantula, except here it is much larger in size, possibly due to a mutation or manipulated evolution, growing much larger than actual spiders grow. It has dark brown, curly hair and four eyes on its head. Based on its description, it could be a Honduran Curly-Haired Tarantula. Since this tarantula is now 10 times its original size, it most definitely has become much more of a deadly predator than when it was smaller, meaning humans and large animals are now part of its diet. In addition, the Giant Tarantula possesses much greater speed and strength. Its fangs are also larger, making killing blows more fatal and an increased production of venom. Its abdomen is also much larger, allowing it to spin an increased amount of webbing. Overall, the Giant Tarantula may be one of the deadlier Monsters kept inside the Facility.

It is unknown what item in the Cabin's Cellar could summon it. Large strands of a spider's web or unusual spider eggs would be logical choices.


The first time we get a glimpse of the Giant Tarantula is in the elevator cube scene, where it rapidly crawls up and down the walls of its own cell.

The Giant Tarantula is released during the Purge. However it is barely seen just once, when the Scarecrow Folk breach the Control Room, and it appears to have entered as well. As Daniel Truman is being attacked, the Giant Tarantula attempts to attack Gary Sitterson, but he shoots it with the gun he has, causing it to growl and retreat. Before it does this, there is an explosion of some kind and the Giant Tarantula's shadow can be seen on the wall.


  • In the DVD special features, there is a real, live tarantula that is used for filming, however in the film, it is replaced by CGI. The reason for using the CGI one instead of using the real tarantula one in the elevator scene is unknown.


Most likely inspired from Tarantula Eight Legged Freaks, Earth vs the Spider , Tarantula! and many other horror films that use the instinctive human response and cultural phenomenon of arachnophobia

Literary examples of spiders as monsters include Shelob from the Lord of the Rings series.