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Gorillas are animal Monsters kept in the Facility. They are not listed on the Whiteboard, nor are they seen during the System Purge.

Physical Descriptions and Attributes[]

The Gorillas appear as normal looking gorillas but slightly bigger than usual. Their fur is a dark grey, and their hands/feet and facial features are black. They also have deep brown eyes. Although gorillas are known to usually be peaceful unless provoked or threatened, these two in particular seem to have some sort of special qualities that led to the Facility capturing them. Its possible they could be infected with a mutant strain of the rabies virus, making them extremely aggressive to humans. They should not be confused with the Giant Ape.

Its unknown what item summons the two Gorillas, but fruit, such as bananas could.


The gorillas are not seen during the Purge. However they can be seen in the elevator scene where the camera pans-out to reveal the other Monsters and creatures of the Facility. One of them is directly below the Giant Deer, while the other is in the upper left-hand corner of its partner.


The Gorillas are possibly inspired by the King Kong-inspired gorilla horror movies of the '30s, '40s and '50s, such as The Gorilla, The Bower Boys Meet The Monsters, Bride of the Gorilla and The Bride of the Beast or Planet of the Apes or Congo. Another possible inspiration could be from Winston from the popular video game Overwatch.