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Hadley is one of the members of the facilty and is mostly seen in the movie watching what was going on in the cabin and what was happening to the chosen victims. Later he is betting that the Merman would be the chosen monster. While the facilty is celebrating that they killed "all" their victims (before realising that Marty had survived) he says that Dana has "a lot of heart" only to jokingly yell "Tequila is my lady!" showing he did not really care about Dana being brutally tortured nor about herself


During the Purge he stays in the room were they were betting and watching the vitims. He is seen to be mocked by the Clown as it is seen laughing and staring at him through the camera. Hadley is once again seen shooting the giant Tarantula. After the wall to the room were he is hiding is destroyed he lies on his back kn the floor due to exhaustion and is (ironically) eaten by his favorite monster the Merman.