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"No need to huff and puff, I'll let you come in." - Jules acting out promiscuously under pheromone influence in her dare to tongue kiss the stuffed cabin wolf head

Jules Louden (Anna Hutchison) was a pre-medical college student who went with boyfriend Curt Vaughan and friends Dana Polk, Holden McCrea and Marty Mikalski to a cabin in the woods owned by Curt's cousin.

The Whore[edit | edit source]

She had almost awakened The Bride by wearing the necklace displayed on the wedding dress when the group was inside the cellar. Her role was designated "The Whore," so the Chem Department treated her blonde hair dye with a slow acting toxin that retards cognitive ability and during her stay in the cabin, she was sprayed with a pheromone mist. During her stay, Marty dares Jules to make out with a wolf's head displayed on the wall. Jules comfortably flirted, and passionately made out with the wolf's head, surprising her friends, and earning a round of applause. She showed how seductive she is and was showing off her slutty slide.

Jules, after preparing to have sex with Curt, was the first to die by the hands of the Buckner Family. As Jules and Curt passionately make love in the woods, she is stabbed in the hand by a Buckner member. After Curt saves her by tackling the zombie, Jules scurries away and hides. After Curt attempts to return to his girlfriend, he is stabbed in the back by a different Buckner family member. As Jules screams for her boyfriend, Matthew Buckner swings his bear trap ready to attack Curt. Instead Jules runs to her boyfriend's aid. The bear trap latches into Jules' back. An almost topless Jules is dragged on the grass as she desperately clutches onto the ground for safety, crying from the pain. Father Buckner restrains Jules, as she begins to realize who her killers are, Mother Buckner levels her saw with Jules' head, and decapitates her, as Jules screams for Curt. Sitterson and Hadley say a prayer to the Ancient Ones after her death. Her blood is then used to outline The Whore. The Buckners later tossed her severed head into the cabin to terrify the others, leaving the rest of her in the woods.

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Death[edit | edit source]


Cabin In The Woods (2012, Jules Death HD)

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