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Anna Patience Buckner is a member of the Buckner Family, the only daughter and youngest child of Father and Mother Buckner and the sister of Matthew and Judah Buckner. She is awakened, along with her family by Dana Polk reading the Latin verses from her diary.

Her weapon of choice is a hatchet. She is missing one arm, which was cut off and eaten by her family.

She is portrayed by Jodelle Ferland.

The Diary of Patience BucknerEdit

(Taken directly from the script (note: the "Dark Room" was later changed in the film to the "Black Room")

Diary of Anna Patience Buckner - 1903

“Today we felled the old birch tree out back. I was sorrowed to see it go, as Judah and I had sat up in its branches so many summers…”

“Father was cross with me and said I lacked true faith. He did not give me my dose and he turned his eyes from me at supper. I wish I could prove my devotion as Judah and Matthew proved on those travelers…”

“Mama screamed most of the night. I prayed that she might find faith but she only stopped when papa cut her belly and stuffed the coals in.”

“Judah told me in my dream that Matthew took him to the Dark Room so I know he is killed. Matthew’s faith is too great; even Father does not cross him or speak of Judah. I want to understand the glory of the pain like Matthew, but cutting the flesh makes him have a husband’s bulge and I do not get like that.”

“I have found it. In daddy’s oldest books, that I will burn before I go, is the way of the family. For no one truly dies who understands the Great Pain.”

“I can hear Matthew in the Dark Room, working upon father’s jaw. My good arm is hacked up and et so I hope this will be readable, that a believer will come and speak this to our spirits. Then we will be restored, our love will be unending, and the Great Pain will return.”


Dolor supervivo caro. (Pain outlives the flesh -- as translated by Holden)

Dolor sublimis caro. (Pain sublimes/elevates/transforms the flesh)

Dolor igneo animus. (Pain ignites/fires the soul/spirit/mind)

System PurgeEdit

Patience buckner

Patience, after she kills the director.

Later in the film, Patience is transported back down into her glass elevator and into the facility during the System Purge. It can be assumed she is the last monster to be released into the purge, since no other monsters are released at the same time she is. Patience eventually finds herself in the ritual chamber, where she kills the Director with a hatchet to the head, and it gets stuck. As Patience struggles to remove it, she is killed herself when Marty Mikalski kicks the Director's body into the Ancient Ones' pit, sending Patience down with her.

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