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The Savage with a Hatchet, or simply The Savage, is a humanoid Monster kept in the Facility. he is not listed on the Whiteboard, nor is he seen during the System Purge.

Physical Description and Attributes[]

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 7.39.27 PM.png

The Savage with A Hatchet appears as a bald middle-aged man wearing ragged green clothing. He has pieces of leather fastened into wrist guards on his arms and wears a beaded necklace with what look like sharpened bones or animal teeth. His skin appears very tough and even looks scarred around his chest and neck area and his skin overall has a fleshy pink color to it. His weapon of choice is a double-sided, Viking-style axe. Little is known about the Savage and how his life was before being captured by the Facility, its likely that he originates from a primitive era given his clothing. This would explain his primitive and bloodthirsty behavior, as it was essential for his survival from this time. It is unknown if the Savage possesses any magical or supernatural abilities but is unlikely.

If the Savage does not originate from another timeline, it may be that he is a deranged human man that can be categorized as a Psychopathic Monster, being based on real life horrors and deranged beings. He is similar to The Huron.

Its likely that a hatchet, similar to the one he wields could summon him. Or, some other item/artifact from his era could as well.


Although the Savage is not shown during the main sequence of the Purge, he is seen in the behind the scenes footage and in the visual companion.


The Savage with a Hatchet is a reference to various movies about savages, such as The Hill Have Eyes and Hatchet