Various security force members throughout the purge.


The Security Guards being attacked by the monsters during the Purge.

The Security Force are the elite soldiers and guards protecting the facility in the event of an escaped monster or, in the worst possible case, an accidental System Purge. It can be assumed that, like Truman, security force members are recruited from other branches of the military and federal law enforcement.

On the whiteboard, Security bet on the Jack O'Lantern.


In most cases, it can be assumed that they do not have much to do in the facility, but during the events of the film, they become active. With this reason, we can assume that a situation like this has never happened before, or at least not on a grand scale, therefore justifying as to why the facility was so ill-prepared during the purge.


The basic security guards wear a uniform consisting of blue button shirts, black tie and matching pants. Higher-level guards wear black turtlenecks, pants and a duty belt, and follow an executive protection role. Tactical guards were outfitted with tactical gear consisting of joint pads, vests, helmets, goggles, and a balaclava.

For weaponry, basic and higher-level guards were armed with the Beretta Px4 Storm. Tactical guards were armed with the SG 552 Commando as their primary weapon.

During the movieEdit

When Dana and Marty first enter the facility, a guard is sent by the Director to eliminate Marty (and then Dana if she refused to cooperate) in order to complete the ritual. Before he can kill Marty, he is startled by Judah Buckner's severed arm and shoots it. While he is distracted, Marty attacks him and knocks him unconscious, allowing them to escape.

A security team is then sent to the elevator processing lobby to apprehend Dana and Marty. The two avoided their gunfire and hid in the elevator lobby's control room. They soon discovered that the control room contains a System Purge button, which would release all of the monsters from their respective cells. They decided to activate it as a distraction to allow them to escape.


A member of the security force being eaten by Zombies.

When Dana activates the System Purge, the squad tasked with eliminating them is massacred by first wave of escaping monsters (consisting of the Dragonbat, the Angry Molesting Tree, the Zombies, the Dismemberment Goblins, the Giant Snake, the Killer Robot, a Witch and the Werewolf) and their reinforcements follow shortly after. The second squad of security guards arrive where they see several zombies eating the corpses of the first squad. Shortly afterward, a second wave of monsters emerge from the elevators and similarly massacre the second squad.

During the purge, many failed efforts to stop the monsters were attempted by the remaining security personnel. It can be safely assumed that most, if not all of the guards stationed at the Facility perished in the slaughter.