Slimey horned cloak creature

The Slimy Horned Cloak Creature is a monster seen in its cube cell, but not during the System Purge. It does not appear on the White Board.

Appearance and CharacteristicsEdit

It is a monster similar to the Bullhead Phantom, in that it wears a black cloak and has curved horns. Its head has a slimy appearance, and it appears to have four eyes. There is an unknown substance in front of the creatures head, possibly a beard or some form of slimy residue.

The Slimy Horned Cloak Creature Creature may have appeared in the novelization during the System Purge because when Dana and Marty are fleeing from the Dragonbat, they encounter a creature emptying a guard's skull of brain matter and fluid that "had four eyes and a mouth like something from beneath the sea".


The Slimy Horned Cloak Creature is more reminiscent on Swamp Monsters. Swamp Monsters are humanoid creatures similar to fish or resembling living piles of swamp mire. They live underwater and occasionally come to the surface, but only when provoked. Within modern American folk myth and legend, a notable example is Louisiana's Honey Island Swamp Monster. That also could be a reference to the short story of H.P. Lovecraft "The Unnamable".

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