The Huron is one of the monsters on the whiteboard. He is bet on by the R + D Department.

Physical DescriptionEdit

The Huron resembles the stereotypical depiction of an early Native American. Like the Dolls, Klu Klux Klan and The Suffocator, The Huron doesn't  appear to be supernatural (though he might be), and likely stems from a real world fear.

Banging the Huron's Drum summons him.

Appearances Edit

The Huron is seen briefly in his cube cell when Sitterson and Truman are searching for Dana and Marty in the control room cameras. He is also seen later during the System Purge where he is seen brutally scalping and killing a facility worker.

Inspiration Edit

According to the director commentary, the Huron is supposedly stemmed from the fear early North American colonists and settlers had of "savage" Native Americans. Specifically, it may be a reference to Magua from Last of the Mohicans. It may also be a reference to the Cormac Mccarthy novel Blood Meridian which discusses the horrors of scalping or the film Scalps. Savage and even cannibalistic Indians have appeared in other films such as Cannibal HolocaustSavage Sam and one of the segments from Creepshow 2. Savage Indians have been a common theme in many westerns over the years, but have died down due to a desire to avoid negative stereotyping of Native American people.

The Huron may also be based on the idea of a cursed Indian burial ground, which is said to spell misfortune and death to anyone who settles on that land.

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