The Reanimated
The Reanimated
are one of the monsters seen on the whiteboard, and bet on by the Administration Department.

Physical Description & AttributesEdit

The Reanimated are depicted as living corpses similar to zombies, but as their name implies, their undead state comes from deliberate reanimation of dead tissue, possibly by mad science or black magic, rather than a zombie virus or radiation. Their bodies are crudely stitched together and their faces are attached upside-down to their heads, causing them to breathe rapidly in a hushed, hoarse tone. Their most notable trait is the ability to quickly scrabble up walls and across ceilings with ease like a spider.

It is unknown what summons them.

The Reanimated can be seen during the Purge; the one in the foreground crawling up to one of the cameras and curiously looking at it.


Their name is a clear tribute to H. P. Lovecraft horror story and its subsequent film adaptation The Re-Animator and its sequels. Their appearance and behavior, on the other hand, is almost identical to the Spider Shibito from Siren and the possessed Regan Mcneil and Emily Rose, down to their seeming lack of eyesight. The game drew on other Lovecraft stories, mainly Shadow Over Innsmouth.

This creature is also reminiscent of the strange visions that appear in the nightmare sequence in the film Jacob's Ladder when Tim Robbins' character is having hallucinations as he is being wheeled through the corridors of the mental hospital.

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