CITW - twins

The Twins are a pair of monsters kept in the Facility. Although their name appears on the whiteboard, nobody bets on them. 

Physical Description & AttributesEdit

As their name might suggest, the Twins are two identical twin sisters, who wear the exact same white dress. Little else is known about them save for the fact that they are summoned in the basement through the use of a pair of small stuffed animals.

They were seen in one of the many glass elevator chambers when Marty and Dana descended into the Facility. Later, during the Purge, they could also be spotted in one of the monitors slowly pacing after an Organization member who had somehow been set ablaze (this was possibly the work of the Jack O'Lantern).



A pair of stuffed animals can be seen when Dana first observes the cellar in light.

  • The Twins appear to be a tribute to the supernatural Grady girls who appear in Stephen King’s 1977 horror novel The Shining and its 1980 Stanley Kubrick film adaptation.
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