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As seen in the visual companion.

The Werewolf is an animalistic-humanoid Monster kept in the Facility. It is listed on the Whiteboard, and is bet on by the Finance department. It can be spotted several times during the System Purge.

Physical Description and Attributes[]

A werewolf, also known as a lycanthrope, is a creature that is part wolf, part human. In many fictitious examples, a human transforms into a werewolf often as a result of a curse or abnormal family lineage and, for some reason, typically involves direct exposure to the light of a full moon. The transformation is usually shown to be quite excruciating and once finished, any resemblance of the human's personality or humanity is mostly, if not fully overridden by the werewolf's animality. Werewolves are feral, immensely strong creatures who would attack anyone they come across in the night. They would usually return to human form the following morning with little to no memory of their time as a werewolf.

Here, the Werewolf bears the same, stereotypical description. It has a tall and intimidating posture and its fur is grey. It appears the Werewolf's height is much taller than an average human's, being roughly 7 or 8 feet tall, granting him more strength, agility and speed. In addition, the Werewolf appears to be stuck in the transformation phase, as its human self is not seen during the film, considering that typical werewolves

change back to their human selves upon sunrise.

The item that summons the Werewolf is unknown, however a possible item could be a silver bullet, which is a well-known weaknesses to supernatural beings, especially werewolves.


The werewolf is the first monster Dana and Marty see when they enter the elevator holding area in the Facility. Dana approaches its cube, noticing something in the darkness. The Werewolf then lashes out at the glass at her, startling her.

During the System Purge, the Werewolf is released in the first wave of Monsters where it kills two guards, by slashing at one before diving onto another and ripping out his neck. In another scene showing the carnage of the Purge, the Werewolf runs down a hallway filled with panicking Facility workers. It singles-out one and viciously mauls and bites his neck, before the camera switches to show the Clown, who appears to be in the same area.

The final time we see the Werewolf is towards the end of the film. When Dana, Marty and now the Director are in the Ritual Chamber. As Dana is about to shoot Marty, the Werewolf creeps up behind her unnoticed. It bites her neck and mauls her on the ground Marty is able to grab the gun Dana had and shoots at it, making it whimper and flee into the hallway leading to the chamber. Patience Buckner then enters soon after.

The Werewolf is also heavily featured in behind the scenes footage, as it was one of the Monsters the cast and crew were most excited to create. Many practice runs as well as close-ups of the Werewolf's suit can be seen. It also appears in the visual companion.


Werewolves are folkloric creatures that appear in many stories and films over the years. Famous film and literature examples include


  • The Werewolf is performed by Richard Cetrone, who also performed the Merman.